• New Report Claims Apple's Education Event to Focus on K-12 Students

    Just one day ahead of Apple’s scheduled event in New York City, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple’s Internet Software Chief, Eddy Cue, will unveil K-12 focused software at the scheduled media event. It had been noted that the textbook industry is a $10 billion-per-year market where Apple plans to use its iPad “to shun costly tomes that weigh down backpacks in favor of less-expensive, interactive digital books that can be updated everywhere via the Web.”

    The report, citing anonymous sources familiar with Apple’s plans is claiming that the Cupertino California company plans to “announce a set of tools that make it easier to publish interactive books and other digital educational content.” This is similar to another report from earlier this week, which claimed that Apple will unveil a tool that is similar to “Garageband for ebooks.”

    Bloomberg’s sources are suggesting that Apple will be unveiling new software that aims to make it easier for publishers to make their titles digital and interactive. It mentioned that Apple’s tools will allow a broad range of authors to publish their content digitally, while large publishers will be able to embed graphics and videos with their textbooks. According to Peter Burrows and Adam Satariano “teachers could use it to design materials for the week’s lesson. Scientists, historians and other authors could publish professional-looking content without a deal with a publisher.”

    One thing is for sure, many of you college students who were looking to benefit from this announcement might be led down, especially since it may not focus on your education level. Despite this being the case, it is still a step in the right direction as a move like this one would hopefully help transition into the college level textbook industry, where the books get really expensive and in most cases, students have to pay out of their pockets to pay for the required material needed for classes.

    Apple will reveal what it had planned in its “education announcement in the Big Apple” tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM Eastern, 7:00 AM Pacific so stay tuned for the news!

    Source: Bloomberg
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