• G.E. Executive: Apple Products Help Our Recruitment

    GE launched a pilot program last year that allowed its employees to choose between a Mac notebook and a PC desktop. The program wasnít very well known and only 1,000 of their employees ended up choosing a Mac over a PC. This number is expected to rise as more employees become aware of this option and as new employees join GE because they consider the companyís policy to be a contemporary one.

    As many continue to believe that Apple faces an uphill battle as it tries to reach the corporate marketplaces, but things seem to be looking up. Itís largest competitor in the marketplace is Microsoft, who has been found entrenched into businesses as it continues to lose consumer appeal. Even the progressive GE has roughly 300,000 computers most of which are still Windows-powered PCs. This is mainly because if itís a Windows Machine, it is most likely running Microsoft Office and ties into Microsoftís server software. Apple has iWork and the Lion Server but the two canít seem to compete with the functionality and support offered by Office and Windows Server 2008.

    It may possibly be cost that is the limiting factor for Appleís infiltration into the corporate marketplace. In this tight economy, company might not have the funds to buy Mac hardware and rather opt for an inexpensive PC. If Apple wants to dethrone Microsoft it may have to discount its hardware significantly to entice companies (many of which are frugal) to make the switch.

    Although the numbers are small, itís still nice to see businesses giving employees the option of choosing Macs. If enough Macs end up circulating in the corporate world, perhaps the business productivity and server software will develop more rapidly.

    For those of you in the corporate world, does your company give you the option to choose and/or use a Mac? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: Wall Street Journal
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