• NYTimes For iPad 2.0 Free Until 2011

    The New York Times for iPad is now available in the App Store and will be free until early 2011. Version 2.0 is not scaled down as the previous version was, but is now as complete as the printed newspaper. Users now have access to different types of media including video content. Obviously, this would not be possible on the printed page, but presenting stories in a new, diverse way gives the iPad version a different way for readers to enjoy the news.

    The app now includes over 25 Times sections from Arts to Technology, Politics, Science and more. Users can also share articles and photos though social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

    When first downloading the app, users will only have access to four sections of the Times: Top News, Most E-Mailed, Business Day and Video. In order to get full access to all sections of the paper, users will have to log in and create a free account with the NYTimes. Itís unfortunate that so may apps require the user to create an account with developers, but in practice itís only a minor inconvenience.

    Periodicals have had a difficult time adjusting to new ways of delivering content in a digital format, just as the music industry experienced growing pains when music transitioned to digital. Itís good to see newspapers like the New York Times embrace the iPad and new technology as they have with this latest version of their app. Hopefully, more newspapers and magazine will join the NYTimes and be able to make a graceful transition this new medium.

    Source: NYTimes
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