• Apple Eyes Retail Entry in India

    It's one of the largest mobile communities in the world. And Apple has it within its retail crosshairs.

    According to published reports Friday, Apple is looking to launch a physical retail presence in India at some point soon, most likely before the end of 2012. A source from India's Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion reveals that talks with the iPhone maker have been going on for some time now. But it appears that the green light has finally been given.

    Apple Inc. has made this move following the Indian governmentís decision to allow full ownership of single-brand retail stores by foreign companies.
    With the retail floodgates now open in China, India makes a big and logical target for the company to pursue next. As of this writing, estimates peg India's million user base at close to 900 million. What's more, India also sports one of the world's biggest communities of Internet users (approximately 120 million). If you do the math, there's a whole lot of revenue potential for the iDevice maker in India.

    Characteristically, however, Apple isn't commenting on the rumor. But the rumor may be reality before long, given how "certain" the sources are of Apple's looming retail exploits in India.

    Sources: eMoneyDaily, Apple Insider
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