• So... You've Jailbroken Your iPhone 4S. What Should You Do Now? (Free Edition)

    The Cydia store is endless, relentless, and mind-knumbing. What could you possibly install next?

    Some of you are first-time iPhone jailbreakers. Some of you bought the iPhone 4S when it was released and haven't had a jailbreak since you got rid of your older iDevice. If you have become rusty over the time you've waited for a jailbreak or you are new the to scene, then this synopsis should help you discover some interesting new and classic jailbreak applications or tweaks that you could install on your iPhone 4S to improve upon its already endless functionality. Anyone with a jailbreak on any other iDevice can use this synopsis for recommendations as well, but I am writing it to help people with the newer iPhone 4S learn what they have missed and possibly catch up with us. Here is a list of some of my personal favorite free jailbreak applications and tweaks:

    1. Mobile Substrate

    First and foremost, how could you possibly like jailbreaking without Mobile Substrate? It's a free application that is automatically installed with just about any tweak that you install from Cydia. It was created by Jay Freeman (saurik) to keep your iPhone from getting damaged if something that you install from Cydia goes terribly wrong. It disables everything from Cydia and puts your iPhone in a state called 'safe mode' which allows only iOS's core processes to run. If you have ever installed a buggy tweak and crashed into safe mode, then you know that Mobile Substrate has saved you from having to restore your iPhone. What would I do without you, Mobile Substrate?

    2. Activator

    Activator is a free application that was created by iOS developer Ryan Petrich to help make accessing iOS functions and invokable tweaks easier. It includes touch gesture actions, motion actions, and screen-location-based actions which can be used to invoke a process. Activator is probably best well-known for its integration into SBSettings where swiping the status bar would toggle it to open. It can be used for a variety of things including screenshots, composing Twitter tweets, and invoking biteSMS/Messages+ compositions. I find Activator to be very useful for my daily routine.

    3. SBSettings

    SBSettings is a well-known application put together by BigBoss that puts common iOS toggles right in an easy-to-reach location. You can use it two ways - through the classic 'swipe the status bar' method which brings up a separate window, or with iOS 5, you can have it integrated into Notification Center as shown above. It has a lot of useful tools included such as hiding applications and disabling Mobile Substrate tweaks which can be used for many intuitive reasons. SBSettings is themeable and comes with a couple themes to start you off. If you want to toggle things on and off without going into Settings to do so, then I recommend SBSettings to you.

    4. Action Menu

    Action menu is a classic jailbreak application by iOS developer Ryan Petrich that adds more settings to your iOS copy and paste menu. One of the most noted is the favorites option which lets you save certain copies or cuts to your clipboard for future use. There is an Action Menu Plus Pack extension (also by Ryan Petrich) which does cost money that adds more features to action menu. Action Menu is always useful on an iPhone if you're constantly copying and pasting things in between applications. I recommend this for iPhone power-users.

    5. WinterBoard

    WinterBoard is a classic jailbreak application by Jay Freeman (saurik) that lets you apply themes to your iPhone. It has been around for ages and because of that, there have been countless themes added to Cydia to support the iPhone. At this point in time there are well over 20,000 themes in circulation that work with WinterBoard. It can be used to add a touch of personal preference to iOS instead of that feeling that every iPhone should look the same that Apple pushes on us. Some themes are free and some are paid. If you want to have different looking icons than everyone else, then WinterBoard is something to take a look at. Installing it will require a reboot.

    6. DreamBoard

    DreamBoard is a newer theming platform application by iOS developer Andrew Liu that will apply more advanced themes to your SpringBoard than WinterBoard will. Winterboard will theme aspects of your iPhone with different images, but DreamBoard will apply animated differences such as widgets and interactive GUI (graphical user interfaces) that are completely different than iOS. Some themes are free and some are paid, but DreamBoard comes with a complementary copy of Endroid which is a mock up of Android. DreamBoard won't require a respring to apply themes like WinterBoard does. Check it out if you want a totally different kind of GUI on your iPhone.

    7. Grooveshark

    Grooveshark is a music application similar to Spotify that never quite made it into the App Store. Since then, it has been released on Cydia. It's a monthly service, but the application is free and includes a trial that you can test. It's absolutely great. You can stream any song that you want from anywhere simply by searching for it and tapping play. Need I say more?

    8. Webscrollian

    Webscrollian is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS hacker and developer chpwn that lets you scroll through Safari Web content much faster than you ever could before. If you read through a lot of sites that are extremely long such as the front page of Modmyi news, then you will find a tweak like Webscrollian to be very helpful. It increases the inertial scrolling speed so that one swipe will keep on scrolling for a long time. Normally when you swipe to scroll it only goes a short way. If you have a lazy finger, check out Webscrollian to make Web browsing easier. I love to use it for many Web sites that I view in Mobile Safari.

    9. PasswordPilot

    PasswordPilot is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Filippo Bigarella that stores your Apple ID password to make your life easier. All you do is go into your Settings application after you install it and it allows you to input your password. Once you do that, any time you are prompted to enter your Apple ID password such as when you purchase an application, sign into iCloud, or any other instance - that prompt will be pre-filled with your password. Filippo took steps to make sure that your password is encrypted, so there is little chance that anyone can steal your password. However, if you don't have a pass code enabled, it can be easy for someone to make unwanted purchases on your iPhone. I use it every day and highly recommend it.

    10. Pull To Dismiss

    Pull To Dismiss is a handy and rather new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Ryan Petrich that lets you pull the keyboard out of your way when you are reading content such as on Twitter or in your Notes application. If you go through and write a novel in whatever you are writing and you are ever annoyed by the fact that the keyboard takes up half of your reading space, then you will like this tweak because you can pull the keyboard from view and use the entire screen to read your content. I use it very often when reading text message histories or Twitter DM histories. I like having that extra room to read.

    Do you have any favorite jailbreak tweaks that you'd like to tell us about? Leave a comment below telling us what it does and why you like it. The list above only included free jailbreak tweaks and applications, not paid ones.
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    1. klouud's Avatar
      klouud -
      Is there an alternative to SBSettings for quick toggles? i.e., a quick toggles notifications widget?
    1. raptorjr's Avatar
      raptorjr -
      Does anyone know if BossPaper works for iOS5? Have not received my 4S yet so i cant test myself.
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      I don't really like winterboard on retina devices because it makes the fonts less attractive...just my 2 cents
    1. 240v's Avatar
      240v -
      Quote Originally Posted by klouud View Post
      Is there an alternative to SBSettings for quick toggles? i.e., a quick toggles notifications widget?
      Powercenter and intelliscreenx have quick toggle functionality
    1. Jsouthernindiana's Avatar
      Jsouthernindiana -
      You can add sbsettings into your notification center through the sbsettings ooptions. It will add toggles and such to your notification pull down. Not sure if that's what you meant or not.

      Does anyone else have problems or bugs using springtomize. Tilted my apps randomly when set up for just dock. Couldn't use my camera after a short time of installing it. Just to name a couple. I knew it was that app cause it was the only thing I added and when I took it off everything's fine again.

      Springtomize 2 for ios 5
    1. lkailburn's Avatar
      lkailburn -
      Nice article! I have not used some of these, may try them out.

    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
      Quote Originally Posted by ipodtouchman77 View Post
      I don't really like winterboard on retina devices because it makes the fonts less attractive...just my 2 cents
      +1 and it takes too much ram and makes my ipod laggy
    1. iPod's Avatar
      iPod -
      Quote Originally Posted by celeron View Post
      +1 and it takes too much ram and makes my ipod laggy
      Yeah I agree
    1. hunterw's Avatar
      hunterw -
      Does anyone know if the toggle 3g switch in sbsetttings works on the 4s?
    1. MiguelPerez123's Avatar
      MiguelPerez123 -
      Quote Originally Posted by hunterw View Post
      Does anyone know if the toggle 3g switch in sbsetttings works on the 4s?
    1. c0dy's Avatar
      c0dy -
      Cool article, I was hoping to find a hidden gem. My must-have is Activator, but I won't dispute this list.

      I've never noticed Winterboard messing with fonts on retina displays. Did you install Comic Sans or something cool like that? :P
      And yea it takes up RAM, but the payoff is worth it. The theme is probably the problem, not Winterboard.

      Dreamboard is pretty awesome. I wish I was capable of writing better XML so I could contribute, but that language is just silly. And I miss some iOS features while in Dreamboard, such as Spotlight. Dreamboard will get better as theme creators get better with XML though.

      Anthony, you always throw me off when you say "a Twitter tweet" or "a tweet on Twitter". I'm not complaining or anything, I just had to get it off my chest
    1. mmaboi21's Avatar
      mmaboi21 -
      thanks for putting these together anthony, very nice setup
    1. stryker_tc's Avatar
      stryker_tc -
      Sweet, nice roll-up. Thanks. Folder Enhancer is always a must for me. I hate the way the folders open in iOS. Probably one of the sweetest tweaks out there beside Shrink.
    1. CsSxPlay3r's Avatar
      CsSxPlay3r -
      Anyone else getting a bug where when they use SBSettings on a iPhone 4S and you respring, once everything is on again it keeps saying No Service until "I" send out a text message...how can i fix this>?

      Scratch that...now if i lock the phone...give it a few mins...unlock it...I have no service....whats going on???

      Edit: It cant be SBSettings...I uninstalled it and its still happening...wtf...is anyone else getting this problem?
    1. mgmm1's Avatar
      mgmm1 -
      Thanks for posting this. I have completed a jailbreak since iOS 4.3.1 and its good to have this re-fresher, especially for us OLD DOGS. Case in point, what is the name of the app that is needed so you can sync all apps with iTunes?
    1. expl0itfinder's Avatar
      expl0itfinder -
      Quote Originally Posted by raptorjr View Post
      Does anyone know if BossPaper works for iOS5? Have not received my 4S yet so i cant test myself.
      It does, but when you try to access some of the features it says "this feature does not support your firmware" or something like that, but it is overall functional
    1. Julian J Blum's Avatar
      Julian J Blum -
      Does Springtomize 2 work with 4s or ipad2?
    1. tbare83's Avatar
      tbare83 -
      KillBackground -- kill all background apps at once. One of the main apps I missed when I got my 4S and lost Cydia...
    1. Pepsolman's Avatar
      Pepsolman -
      No, I haven't jailbroke my 4S yet. Still waiting on the windows release. ::foot tap with crossed arms and frowny face::
    1. pluto459's Avatar
      pluto459 -
      Quote Originally Posted by raptorjr View Post
      Does anyone know if BossPaper works for iOS5? Have not received my 4S yet so i cant test myself.
      works fine
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