• Steve Jobs Honored by Virgin America's "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" Airbus A320

    The death of Steve Jobs’ has sparked intense reactions from people all over the world. More than two and a half months later, it is still heartwarming to see big brands pay respect to the values that Jobs stood for and to his achievements.

    Virgin America recently imprinted the now famous “Stay Hungy, Stay Foolish” quote famously used in Steve’s 2005 Stanford University commencement address. The company feels like Jobs attitude is perfect for the company’s forward thinking approach to air travel, noting that it was the first company to roll out fleet-wide onboard Wi-Fi in one of its many attempts to bring technology to the sky.

    It seems that Jobs has quite the following at Virgin America. As of right now, the tail N845VA has been seen on the Orlando to SFO route and it seems to be based in San Francisco. According to a representative, “the idea behind Virgin America was to reinvent the travel experience by thinking differently about design and service – we are known for the tech-forward amenities we offer onboard.”

    As of right now, Virgin America’s fleet is comprised exclusively of Airbus jets and employees 36 of the short to medium range A320 models. The airline has been known to create imaginative marketing schemes and has previously opened up naming to the public. In 2008, the company had the inaugural flight of Air Colbert after comedian Stephen Colbert and in 2010 the company gave an opportunity to purchase a chartered flight with plane-naming rights for 60,000.

    Source: CNET, Image courtesy of Virgin America
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