• Apple Continues To Lure In Top Tech Talent, This Time From Sony

    Apple continues to thrive at luring in some of the top talents in all of technology. Not surprisingly, there's a great willingness among industry veterans to hitch their wagons to Apple star. And it now appears that another top Sony Ericsson executive is on his way to the Cupertino, California-based Mac maker.

    In fact, it looks like he's already there. Until the start of 2012, Anderson Teixeira was the prominent President of Sony Ericssonís U.S. division. Now, as some in the media have reported, Apple succeeded at "pilfering" the Sony exec, who no longer gets to lead the domestic front of a major company.

    Although Apple hadn't yet confirmed the appointment, we're hearing that Teixeira, a native of Brazil, has been tapped to head Apple's Latin American operations.

    In recent months, MMi and others in the tech reporting space have heavily focused on Apple's retail efforts in China and expanding the iDevice line's footprint across Asia. In reality, Latin America remains a high priority for Apple as well.

    Prior to the installation of Teixeira in his rumored new role at Apple, the company never had a formidable leader in that part of world in terms of Apple's operations. But with Brazil on line with production of Apple devices and growing buyer interest surging across Latin America, Apple clearly wants to make the most of this emerging market.

    Source: IntoMobile
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