• 85 Million Users Already Populate Apple's iCloud

    While Apple’s earnings conference call revealed the company's record-setting earnings during the fourth quarter, it also revealed a healthy iCloud membership.

    Apple’s iCloud service has amassed 85 million members since its fall release. Apple’s iCloud sign-ups have actually outpaced the sale of all Apple products combined. While there have been a massive number of users to sign up, this can be attributed to iCloud’s cheap price of admission (free).

    Still, the explosive initial growth and potential for future growth (over 300 million iDevices sold) place iCloud at the heart of Apple’s “strategy for the next decade,” according to the company.

    The biggest question mark regarding the 85 million users signed up number is how many of these users signed up when upgrading to iOS 5 and simply don’t use many of the features? A good number of users likely have iCloud accounts and don’t know it and there are others who probably have free accounts they rarely use.

    Also, where were the numbers for iTunes Match sign-ups?

    Source: TUAW
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