• Unofficial Dominion App Released for iOS - Official App to be Released Soon

    If you are a big fan of self-contained deck-building card games, then you might know of Donald X. Vaccarino’s game Dominion. It’s a game much like Magic: The Gathering, which has been begging for a solid iOS port ever since Apple’s platform first took off. A form of the game has been released and is now available on iOS for $1.99. It is currently unofficial but (temporarily) approved.

    It was a bit strange to see an unofficial paid app that actually uses the art and intelligent property of the game but it seems that Rio Grande doesn’t mind it doing that. Apparently there is an official version coming out as soon as “a few weeks” from now. It’s granted temporary licenses to developers to release their own versions of the game as long as those versions are down and gone by the time the official app arrives.

    It is likely that many of you who might be interested rather just wait, since it sounds like the wait isn’t that long. It is good to hear that one of the best card games around is coming in virtual form to Apple’s iOS platform. As for those of you who are Magic: The Gathering players, you’ll have to wait as Wizards of the Coast still has yet to announce anything similar to this for Magic on iOS. Currently, there is a reference app for Magic on the iOS platform but there still aren’t plans for an official version of the game itself. As of right now, Kard Kombat is your only choice!

    Are any of you going to pick up the app? Share any thoughts and opinions below!

    Source: App Store, Wizards of the Coast
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    1. zerowind's Avatar
      zerowind -
      Didn't expect to read about deck building games here but I'm glad I did. As someone who has never played Dominion (Gamers have mentioned it tends to lack player interaction --Being more a form of solitaire with multiple people doing their own thing), I'm really curious to try this out. There is at least one other deck building game in the app store that is really well done (Ascension) created by some Magic pro players. And Thunderstone which is "coming soon" --a deck building game with a great dungeon crawl theme (personally really looking forward to this one)

      In addition to Kard Kombat (much more like Magic than Dominion.) There's also Shadow Era (a great game with an option to order hard copies of the cards for a limited time) Orions and others.

      IMO Wizards of the Coast is missing out on a huge opportunity to make tons of cash by not releasing a Magic on the platform. I don't play but would definitely want to if I could on ios. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
    1. jeffhesser's Avatar
      jeffhesser -
      I have to disagree with the earlier post about Kard Kombat being similar to magic... Kard Kombat was my first intro to these kind of games and have since tried all the alternatives (magic on PC, Shardow Wra, the assassins creed card game, and one other which i can't remember) and none are as straight forward as Kard Kombat. granted that straight forward game play might lend to a slightly less complex game but the online play mixed with having to adapt gameplay to based on the cards you draw and the opponents class has given me hundreds of hours of play. They recently claimed to be working on more content so fingers crossed that Kard Kombat gets some dev love.

      I'll have to give this one a shot too and see how it stacks up for my pallet.
    1. DeathOfLife's Avatar
      DeathOfLife -
      Just Checked Both Of Them Is Free
    1. zerowind's Avatar
      zerowind -
      Quote Originally Posted by jeffhesser View Post
      I have to disagree with the earlier post about Kard Kombat being similar to magic...
      Heh, if you have ever played a deck building game, you'd actually know what I meant when I said "Kard Kombat is much more like Magic than Dominion" -No one can deny it. It's like saying water is much more like air than solid rock. Not really similar but a heck of a lot closer to one than the other.

      Shadow Era, Orions (which the combat is closer to Kard Kombat than anything else I've seen on the platform) are in a different genre: Card based player vs player dueling. --which is nothing like Ascension or Dominion. Except for the "deck building" aspect.

      I won't go into more detail because I'd be trying to school you. Play Ascension or Dominion (I recommend the former at it's much more polished on ios atm) and you'll know what I mean.
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