• Apple Made More Money Than...

    Apple made a lot of money last quarter, $46.33 billion to be exact. But, other than a bunch of zeros on a balance sheet, what does $46,000,000,000 equal?

    A new site, Apple made more money than..., answers that question in a seemingly never-ending string of user submitted facts. The website starts with the simple phrase “Apple made more money than...” at the top of the page and a user submitted responses refresh underneath in a continuous loop of comparisons.

    Some highlights include:

    • Enough to buy Adobe 3 times
    • Eight times the GDP of Somolia
    • 23,165 times more than Chuck Norris makes in a year
    • Twice as much as RIM made the whole year
    • A stack of pennies 41,000 miles high.
    • Enough to put 1/10 of high school seniors through college.
    • Cost of 203 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.
    • The value of 72,220 bars of gold.
    • The entire yearly defense budget of the U.K.
    • The monthly salary of 185 million Foxconn workers.

    Definitely a few different and enlightening ways to look at the amount of revenue Apple pulled in last quarter. Perhaps the most eye-opening comparison comes when figuring out how much money the typical Foxconn worker makes in a year. Using the numbers provided, the average Foxconn worker makes $250 a month.

    Feel free to include you own “Apple made more money than” facts in the comments.

    *Yes the fact the site is based off Apple's revenue not their cash horde is an "interesting" decision. but the creators have already talked about adding a toggle to switch between revenue, profit and cash horde*

    Source: Applemademoremoneythan
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