• Firefox 12 to Bring Full Screen to Mac OS X Lion?

    It's finally here.... er, coming.

    Mozilla Firefox is likely one of the greatest Internet browsers that can be installed on a modern computer today. It's open source, has a large add-on library, and has powerful rendering engines. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can all gracefully use Firefox and be very happy with their browsing results. There is of course great competition from other Internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, however Google Chrome doesn't have nearly as many add-on capabilities and Internet Explorer isn't exactly the fastest tool for Web surfing.

    Perhaps one of the biggest complaints about Firefox comes from Mac OS X Lion users who want to see support for full-screen applications built into it. It looks like Firefox 12 will finally bring that request to life without requiring any buggy hacks such as Grant Paul (chpwn)'s Maximizer option which adds full-screen support to many Cocoa applications. Below is how the Firefox 12 window will appear for Mac OS X Lion users, finally displaying that double-arrow button that we have been waiting ages for:

    While many people prefer Firefox because of the broad range of options that it has over some other browsers, many Mac users have reverted to using Apple's Safari browser or Google's Chome browser because they both support not only full-screen browsing on Mac OS X Lion, but they also support swipe navigation if you're using one of the Apple multi-touch trackpads or Magic Mouse pointing devices. The recent Firefox 9 update brought those multi-touch navigation features to Firefox as well.

    Firefox 12 is still a long way away, being that we are currently on Firefox 9 as the current stable release. However when Mozilla finally launches a build of Firefox with Mac OS X Lion's full-screen application support, will you be downloading it on your Mac? Share in the comments what you expect to see out of Firefox 12 and why.

    Sources: Mac Stories
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