• Tizi Go DVB-T Dongle Brings Mobile TV to International iPad Users

    For those of you in the Eurozone or a DVB-T country, the Tizi Go is a tempting mobile television solution

    In the U.S. mobile terrestrial television pretty much doesn’t exist. A number of other countries, particularly South Korea and Japan, have enjoyed true live mobile television for a decade. Here in the U.S., until recently, we’ve been stuck with proprietary non-live content solutions (I hate you VCAST). Well, iPad users in Europe now have a truly mobile DVB-T television solution.

    Tizi Go is the non-Wi-Fi version of the Tizi television transmitter developed by Munich bases company Equinox. The Tizi Go is a simple dongle that attached to the dock connector of the iPad and is capable of receiving over the air DVB-T signals when used with the tizi.tv app.

    The tizi.tv app allows users to pause, record, and rewind live television. Recordings can even be transferred to iTunes when connected to your PC. The app also has an electronic program schedule that doesn’t require an internet connection, all the information is gathered from the DVB-T signal.

    The Tizi Go does require a small battery to operate, but a micro USB cable is included to charge the small Lithium-ion battery inside. The device will be available internationally from Belkin, but as it stands would be useless stateside as the U.S. doesn’t use the DVB-T standard to broadcast over the air television. Paired with the tizi.tv app, the price of 99 Euros doesn’t seem too crazy.

    U.S. users who want mobile television are stuck with proprietary apps from their cable/satellite provider (all only work over Wi-Fi) or setting up a Slingbox. Not bad solutions, but not plug and play or truly mobile like the Tizi Go.

    Source: Giga.de
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    1. domenicp's Avatar
      domenicp -
      Elgato also has something similar, but that too is not available in North America. Really want something like this.
    1. taygrib76's Avatar
      taygrib76 -
      This technology actually does exist in the US. Instead of the DVB-T standard, the US stations in most big cities now broadcast an ATSC M/H signal, which is a digital signal that can be viewed while riding at 70+ mph down the highway. RCA makes a few handheld TVs and a TV tuner that can be hooked up to an aftermarket head unit. Tivizen teased a ipad add-on like the one in the article at the 2011 CES, but never released it. Check out mdtvsignalmap to see if your city has any stations broadcasting in this format.
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