• Sprint Reales Official Mobile App "Sprint Zone"

    Sprint launched their official ďSprint ZoneĒ mobile iPhone app today.

    The app allows Sprint iPhone owners to access and manage their accounts via a dedicated app like other carriers. The app includes news, access promotions, find a store locator as well as help functions including direct access to a care representative. Users can even monitor their iPhoneís performance.

    Sprint Zone isnít as feature filled as AT&Tís and Verizonís alternatives, but both companies have had the iPhone on their network for considerably more time. Both AT&T and Verizon offer more than phone support in their apps as well considering both provide television and local internet services. Even if Sprintís account management login page is a in-app replica of their web-based login screen, these carrier apps as a whole are perfect examples of how carrier applications should operate. Their baked in Android counterparts come pre-installed as bloatware and functionally pale in comparison.

    Sometimeís Appleís App Store restrictions make the companyís walled garden an asset. Other times itís infuriatingly restrictive. But, if it keeps malware, bloatware, and for the most part crapware, off my phone, Iíll accept it. Plus the jailbreak community is awesome.

    Source: iTunes [via 9to5Mac]
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