• NPD: 383 Million Tablet Shipments Likely in 2017

    Here's a bold projection to get your speculation juices flowing.

    A brand spankin' new projection from the market and research wizards at NPD Group indicates that tablet shipments are poised for takeoff in the next five years. Of course, on the surface, it already appears as though the market is booming. But if NPD's latest estimates prove correct, we truly haven't seen anything yet.

    According to details presented in the report, global tablet shipments will expand to approach or reach 383.3 million units in 2017. The rate of tablets purchased will be fueled by customers buying tablets for the first time in "emerging markets" - that is, markets that presently do not contain populations with an insatiable appetite for tablets.

    NPD says the emerging market tablet share of 36 percent in 2011 will balloon to 46% within five years. "The emerging market opportunity for tablets has been flying under the radar mainly because the device brands arenít household names and there are concerns regarding the sustainability of the market," says NPD Senior Analyst Richard Shim.

    But if you're thinking that the iPad will still be leading the way by then, you might be surprised. Although Apple's tablet will certainly remain a major - if not industry leading - force, new tablet offerings in emerging markets (possibly devices not yet in existence) will push the market to new heights in the next 60 months.

    Source: Tech Crunch
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    1. trupimp714's Avatar
      trupimp714 -
      But I thought the world was ending 2012......
    1. lauriellis13's Avatar
      lauriellis13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by trupimp714 View Post
      But I thought the world was ending 2012......
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      mustard05 -
      My prediction for 2017 is Modmy I will still be reporting the most useless information, and predictions on the planet.

      If the world doesn't come to an end in 2012, my second prediction is the writers wont let us know that the world hasn't ended until someone sends them a tip.
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