• Niel Young Claims Late Steve Jobs Worked On High-Def Audio Format

    Niel Young, yes that Niel Young, claimed today that Apple was working on a new super high-def music format.

    In an interview with All Things D at the Dive Into Media conference today, Young claimed that he was working with the late Steve Jobs on a project that would bring studio-quality music to the digital download world. Young talked down MP3’s claiming they have “five percent of the data present in the original recording,” and Apple was working on high-resolution digital tracks that would bring back the 95% of data lost in MP3 compression.

    Young did concede a number of hurdles faced the implementation of high-def audio including large file sizes, download times, and devices capable of holding enough songs or albums to be worthwhile (250GB classic iPod?). Because of these limitations Young said despite Jobs being vinyl fan, not much headway was made developing the new file-type.

    "Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music, and his legacy is tremendous," Young told the crowd. "But when he went home, he listened to vinyl. And you've got to believe that if he'd lived long enough, he would have done what I'm trying to do."

    Apple declined to comment on Young’s comments, but his claims of a high-fidelity audio format do corroborate with earlier reports of Apple and several of its competitors talking with records labels about introducing 24-bit recordings to iTunes and other download services.

    High-fidelity downloads sound nice, but honestly, I’ll stick to ripping lossless tracks from my CD collection and converting my audio. Most of those who care enough about 24-bit audio already have the means to digitize it.

    Source: CNET
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