• iOS 4.2 Goes for the Gold

    Apple, today released iOS 4.2 Golden Master to developers. Apple appears to be on track for its scheduled November release. There is said to be 100+ new features and innovations included with this update. Now that the GM has been released to developers it shouldn’t be too long before it’s made available to the public.

    With this release, Apple will finally bring the iPad up-to-date with the iPhone and iPod Touch. This software will be a unification of sorts. No longer will people have to keep track of the most current software version for the iPad and iPhone. iOS will finally have one unified version of the software that runs on all devices. This will be a welcome relief for iPad users everywhere. New to the iPad will be such features as multitasking, folders, a unified mailbox, Game Center support and many other enhancements as well.

    iOS 4.2 brings a host of welcomed improvements, but one change is causing some controversy. The screen lock rotation switch has now been repurposed to act as the mute button. Some users are not happy about the change, but it is in keeping with Apple’s theme to unify the iOS on all devices.

    With the iPad’s additional screen real estate, the multitasking bar has been expanded to include more features. It operates just as you would expect it to, but now includes screen lock, brightness control, iPod functions and Volume setting. To the left of the volume slider is the new AirPlay button. I look forward to seeing this button appear on the iPhone as well.

    AirPlay is arguably the most anticipated new feature coming to this iOS update. AirPlay allows you to stream music, video and photos directly from your iOS device to an Apple TV. Some apps will be compatible with AirPlay as well, allowing you to stream content from an app on your iOS device to an Apple TV. Apps may one day become a replacement for traditional TV channels. This would make the Apple TV a real contender to replace regular cable service. Apple is sure to open an Apple TV App Store, “when the time is right” according to Steve Jobs.

    AirPrint is another welcome addition to the iOS. Now, people will finally be able to print mail, photos and even web pages directly to a Wi-Fi connected printer.

    Today, Apple also invited developers to submit their apps for iOS 4.2 review. This is great news for the average user. It is an indication that there should be a good supply of compatible apps as soon as the update is released. Hopefully, this version of the iOS will be less problematic for developers to jailbreak than in previous versions. With such an array of new features, this update will be hard to resist.

    Source: Apple
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