• Trump to Apple: Bring Jobs Back to the U.S.

    Donald Trump, speaking on his favorite media outlet Fox News, said Tim Cook should move Apple’s production plants to the U.S.

    Trumps interview and response come in lieu of a New York Times article written last week that described in great detail why the things Apple builds can’t be built in the United States. Trumps decree to Apple is simple:

    "Wouldn't it be a great thing if the new leader of Apple said we're going to start building plants in the United States.”

    However, even Trump, the horrible business man that he is, concedes “Maybe the incentives not there.” But, he does make a valid point, that a company like Apple, with its roots engrained in American culture, should maybe manufacture even a small percentage of their products state side.

    Simplifying the problems outlined in the NYT article, Apple’s production process is extremely human-intensive and requires massive work forces that can be mobilized in an instant. This is in stark contrast to a company like Intel, where highly automated machinery and well compensated employees dominate their production plants. But, component construction is a much more precise production process than product assembly.

    The great irony of Trump’s statements, they mirror sentiments expressed by President Obama in his efforts to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. Perhaps lost on everyone involved, the U.S. is in a post-industrial era, where knowledge and ideas are more valuable than the ability to assemble. Attempting to move an entire country back in time to its manufacturing heyday isn’t the solution to job creation.

    But, that’s a long-winded sociological argument better suited for academia.

    Source: CNET
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