• Pictures Surface to Show iPod Nano with Camera

    It's time for another supposed image leak from inside the mysterious Apple supply chain.

    On Wednesday, new photos surfaced online to suggest that Apple may be tinkering with a freshly redesigned iPod nano - one that comes with a camera.

    The classic fun-sized Apple device his largely remained the awkward stepchild in the Apple product family in recent years, at least among tech journalists who choose to concentrate on the company's much sexier iDevice line. But the nano is still around. And nobody - including the team at Apple - has forgotten about it.

    The photos that popped up on apple.hs before finding a home on Apple.pro reveal what ostensibly appears to be an iPod nano that sports a rear-mounted camera that looks awfully familiar to iPhone owners. The form of the nano doesn't appear to drastically differ from previous models with the exception of camera-area modifications that allow the device to bestow the necessary space to pull off the addition of a camera.

    So are the pics real? Are they fake (maybe one of those decoy projects assigned to a new Apple hire)? Or could this just be a prototype of a never-to-be released nano that Apple was fiddling with before canning the prospect? For now, we will await further evidence and chatter in the supply chain before jumping to conclusions.

    But these images will certainly do their part to jump-start the conversation... again.

    Source: Apple.Pro
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