• Steve Jobs Bumps Justin Bieber for Super Bowl Inspiration at Best Buy

    Consumer electronics retail giant Best Buy is paying a subtle tribute to Steve Jobs this Super Bowl weekend by changing up its ad strategy to reflect the genius of the late Apple chief.

    According to a report Wednesday from Bloomberg, Best Buy's Super Bowl commercial won't feature the traditional parade of celebrities. Instead, the passing of Steve Jobs has prompted the retail giant to re-evaluate who today's biggest "stars" truly are.

    This year, don't look for Ozzy Osbourne or Justin Bieber, who starred in Best Buy's 2011 ad, to make a splash on Super Bowl Sunday in partnership with Best Buy. This time around, Best Buy is focusing on "innovators who could personify Best Buy’s selling premise: that no one knows more about gadgets and how they work together than the chain’s blue-shirt sales force."

    Until Steve Jobs died, Best Buy Co. was plotting a familiar course for its Super Bowl ad: hiring a celebrity spokesman. Then all the tributes poured in after the Apple Inc. founder’s Oct. 5 death, and Best Buy’s U.S. marketing chief, Drew Panayiotou, realized Silicon Valley inventors are today’s stars.
    So what will the ad from Best Buy look like on Sunday? According to today's report, it will spotlight inventors Philippe Kahn (camera phone pioneer), and Kevin Systrom (developer of Instagram). “They may not be at the same level as Steve Jobs, but they created some amazing stuff,” says Panayiotou.

    By the way, this is the first, last, and only time I will ever reference Justin Bieber on MMi

    Source: Bloomberg
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