• More Evidence Debunks February Apple Event

    For weeks we've heard that the iPad 3 may be introduced in late February ahead of an early to mid-March release, which would place the third-generation Apple tablet on track for debut one full calendar year after the iPad 2 launched.

    Today, speculation about a February Apple event cooled some when the Loop's Jim Dalrymple reported that his credible sources indicate that no formal announcement or corresponding media event will take place this month. Dalrymple's report is gaining no shortage of attention in light of the fact that he is a highly respected source for Apple news and information.

    "This is not going to happen, according to my sources," Dalrymple said today, in a blunt and unequivocal fashion. "Apple will not hold an event in February, unusual or otherwise. Thatís it."

    Dalrymple's reference to an "unusual" event comes in response to earlier and unsubstantiated reports this week out of Japan suggesting that Apple would hold an 'unusual' event in February to herald the arrival of the iPad 3. Although Dalrymple didn't rule out the still-looming possibility of a March iPad 3 release, he said nothing of the prospect today.

    Source: The Loop
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