• Apple Focusing on iOS-Powered Fitness Technology

    Before you spend too much time picturing Tim Cook all sweaty in a bedazzled tank looking like Silicon Valley's answer to Richard Simmons, let's offer some clarity to this most peculiar headline and underlying story.

    According to the latest insight from Apple's patent escapades, Apple may be tinkering with iOS to enable future versions to deliver robust fitness technology capable of facilitating that which Nintendo's Wii did for avid video gamers: it made them more active.

    The aforementioned technology was described in a patent filing issued in late 2011. If implemented, iOS-device users may soon gain the ability to enjoy an embellished version of that which we've grown familiar with (via the Nike+ iPod platform). Chief among the enhancements would be a real-time sharing functionality. In other words, you could share workout experiences.

    "These treadmills may be located in the same building, or they may be located in different buildings, in different cities, or even in different continents," the patent filing reads. "In this example, media on one media player can be shared between the two treadmills. Also, data from both treadmills can be displayed on each treadmill, thus showing the users their respective standings in the competition."

    Simply put, if they wanted to, Tim Cook and Steve Wozniak could "sweat to the oldies" together from opposite coasts in real-time.

    Okay, I'm finished putting unwanted images in your head now.

    Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
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