• Apple Lets Verizon Produce iPad Commercial

    Someone should check on Steve Jobs right away. He is obviously not acting like his usual self. In fact, Jobs - or someone else very high up at Apple - has either lost their mind completely or flip-flopped entirely on Apple's longstanding vice grip on TV commercials promoting Apple products. It's a reality that came to light this week as Verizon - yes, Verizon - has introduced its very own TV spot for the iPad.

    Promoting the tablet and Verizon's MiFi for wireless Internet connection, the new commercial represents such a dramatic change of pace for Apple that it's almost difficult to fathom. AT&T, for example, which carries the iPhone exclusively in the United States, still is not permitted by Apple to independently produce original commercial advertisements for the smartphone. Somehow, Verizon isn't being held to the same rule, and now the rival carrier finds itself free to produce an original iPad commercial.

    Although rumors have swirled about carrier expansion since AT&T was first announced as Apple's exclusive partner on the iPhone, Verizon and Apple have arguably worked closer this year than almost anyone first thought possible. Yet it should be noted that Apple's coziness with Verizon is just one small aspect of an entire outreach policy for Apple that has the Cupertino based tech giant similarly working with more retail outlets than ever before to carry Apple products. So while Verizon may feel special, Apple is simply making the smart business choice to expand its product availability and exposure to as many consumers in the mass market as possible. If nothing else, this commercial may just reflect that policy.

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