• Genius Recommendations for Movies and TV Shows Now on Apple TV 2G

    Many Apple TV users are reporting a new addition to the menus of their devices recently. The new option brings Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows to their libraries. An interesting thing to note is that the menu originally carried a title that was named “ATV.Menu.Movie.GeniusItem” which suggests that the new feature may have appeared prematurely. Apple seems to have fixed the issue though and it now shows properly as “Genius.”

    Besides the strange display of the menu option, the feature does appear to have been functional since it first appeared yesterday, with users being able to access Genius recommendations for their content. The feature works much like the same feature found in iTunes for music.

    The recommendations for movies and TV shows seem to have been offered for some time in iTunes itself, through the iTunes Sidebar and also available through the iTunes app on iOS devices. The features were not available on the Apple TV 2G though until recently.

    Have any of you Apple TV 2G owners discovered the Genius feature being available on your device? If so, have you had a chance to use it? Share any thoughts and experiences below!

    Source: MacRumors
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