• Apple Removing Rip-Off Games and Apps from The App Store

    *Photo courtesy of TechCrunch*

    Temple Jump. Tiny Birds. Numbers With Friends. The names sound familiar. The characters might even elicit a double take. A few could reside on your phone. These apps all share the same characteristics: They’re blatant rip-offs of highly successful games and they’re no longer available in the App Store.

    Apple removed the aforementioned games from the App Store for blatant plagiarism. The developers of these applications created them with the sole purpose of scamming potential buyers into thinking their products were the original and more successful counterparts. Stealing a few $1.99 purchases here and there wouldn’t be a sizable offense, but in the case of Temple Run, it’s ripoff counterpart Temple Jump managed to reach the top of the paid app chart.

    The Guardian ran a story highlighting developer Anton Sinelnikov who is notorious for creating fake apps, and created all three of the apps listed above. Keith Shepard, owner of Imangi Studios who developed Temple Run, tweeted a number of other rip-offs Apple removed as well.

    While a number of rip-off games and apps have been removed from The App Store, there will always be more. Apple’s inconsistent app approval process, better than Android's lack thereof, still isn’t perfect. This is why Tech Crunch’s idea that Apple should add a new option to its “report a problem” button is essential. By adding “This app plagiarized another” or “This app is a fake version of another” to the different problems users can report, Apple will effectively be able to locate, evaluate and eliminate rip-off applications through their massive community of iOS users.

    Rip-off applications and games don't do anything, but line the pockets of seedy developers. However, I will concede Tiny Birds' character design is hilarious. All the birds look like they have a serious case of the munchies.

    Source: TechCrunch and The Guardian
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