• Study Claims iOS Apps Crash More Often Than Android Apps

    [SIZE=1]Number of app crashes by percentage.[/SIZE]

    A recent report (represented graphically above) by crash analysis firm Crittercism claims iOS apps crash more often than Android Apps. But, the results aren't exactly "cut and dry."

    Critiercismís chart showing the total percentage of app crashes based on iOS and version number clearly shows iOS has more app crashes than Android. The data has been normalized so the numbers arenít statistically irrelevant (we presume), especially since they analyzed 215 million app crashes across the two platforms (the number of iOS apps used outnumbered Android 3-1, but again the data was normalized preventing a bias).

    However, the reason behind the rise in iOS app crashes according to Crittercism is Appleís recent release of iOS 5.0 and iOS 5.0.1. Major updates like iOS 5.0 by their nature create more problems and incompatibilities. Running newer apps on older hardware is always a recipe for disasters. This coupled with the fact the latest version of Android hasnít arrived likely created a sizable difference in app crashes. TUAW posits that iOS users tax their phones more than other mobile users, causing iOS apps to eat up memory and crash. TUAW points out that these are just app crashes and not iOS crashes either. Killing background processes and freeing up space usually fix this problem.

    Also, Iíd venture a guess that Appleís frequent small updates to iOS (Android users arenít afforded such luxuries) adds to the number of app crashes. It seems like simply managing the number of apps running at a time and freeing system resources would eliminate most app crashes (manually or via any app-management application). Honestly, Iíd take Apple frequent minor updates and scheduled major updates over the haphazard release of Android updates across devices and carriers.

    An interesting follow-up study should examine the number of system crashes, and the percentage of apps each user-base is running at a time on average.

    Source: Crittercism via [TUAW]
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