• Apple Entering Optimal 'Window of Opportunity' for iPad 3 Release

    According to industry analysts and market watchers, Apple has what some are calling an optimal "window of release" opportunity in late winter or early spring to raise the curtain on its third-generation iPad.

    The aforementioned "window," as you might expect, refers to a period of time in which consumers won't be flooded with new competing tablets or long awaited hardware to capture still-conservative consumer electronics dollars. Given the scarcity of significance from tech competitors and their offerings, says analyst Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank, Apple's best time to shine with the iPad 3 could very well be... right now.

    "With other tablet vendors in disarray (shifting from Android to Win8), we expect the iPad 3 introduction to drive additional share gains in the mobile computer market," Whitmore said Monday in a communication to investors, without hinting as to whether the iPad 3 may drop in February, March, or later.

    "Win8 based hardware is unlikely to ramp in earnest until 2013," he added. "This leaves the window wide open for Apple to extend its lead in the market and drive substantial growth and profits going forward."

    Whitmore's Deutsche Bank believes 2012-2013 will be red hot years for Apple and its robust array or products and services. The investment juggernaut is maintaining a "buy" rating for shares of AAPL with a lofty price target of $600 firmly in place.

    Sources: Deutsche Bank, Apple Insider
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