• Nvidia Chief Hypes Android Tablets

    The level of competition in the tablet marketplace has gone from non-existent to booming in what seems to be the blink of an eye. With heavy-hitters like RIM and Samsung already in line to take a shot at Apple's tablet dominance, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says the dawn of Android tablets could change the dynamics of the tablet marketplace once and for all. During his company's earnings call this week, Huang - sort of like how Steve Jobs jumped on Apple's recent earnings call - pontificated about the many ways in which forthcoming rival tablets will be "magical" - yes, he used the word "magical."

    So is it all gratuitous self-promotion or is Nvidia's chief really on to something with regard to the role that Nvidia's Tegra mobile processing chips will play in the emerging tablet market? For now, at least, Huang isn't so blinded by hope that he's out of touch with reality. During the call, he clearly stated that competing tablets undoubtedly trail Apple's iPad in myriad ways. But that could soon change. "Although they're a little behind, the work that Google and Andy Rubin's team is doing at Google is just really amazing," he said. "I mean, this is clearly a world-class engineering team, And they're building a magical product."

    For the record, he used the word "magical" twice. Huang and Jobs really like that word.

    Perhaps what's more significant than hype over which tablet will ultimately prevail as the big winner in 2011 (although I think most are banking on Apple's iPad), the bigger story contained within tablet-centric headlines of the week is how major players in the tech world are becoming increasingly vocal about the reduced necessity of traditional computers. As tablets become just as - if not more - sophisticated than our traditional desktops, many analysts are already convinced that tablets will eventually become the standard computing necessity.

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