• Best Buy Circulates Customer Survey Asking About Fictional $1499 Apple TV

    Best Buy is feeding into the Apple TV hype and testing the market waters with their latest customer survey.

    The survey describes a would-be 42-inch 1080p Apple TV complete with iCloud, iOS, iSight (guh, it’s FaceTime now guys), a mic, and extensive integration with other iOS devices. Whoever wrote the survey apparently has limited knowledge of the rumors surrounding an Apple TV, and even less knowledge of the services Apple provides as the author comments how the camera can be used for Skype. Definitely won’t find that in Apple’s future promotional documents.

    Mistakes aside, the survey’s bigger purpose is to see how much Best Buy could potentially squeeze out of consumer’s wallets. With all of the features listed, the final bit of information is the imagined price-point of $1499. Wait what? That’s nearly three times the going price of a featureless 42-inch 1080p plasma display and about two times the price of your average LED display. Obviously and Apple TV will demand a premium over similarly spec’d television sets, but the question of how much consumers are willing to pay is something Apple is likely toying with right now.

    What do you think Apple’s still unannounced and highly anticipated TV will debut at price wise? Is $1499 too much?

    Honestly, as long as it's under $2,000 I think the Apple horde will be there to buy.

    Source: CNET
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