• Apple Said to be Discussing Possibility of Stores Inside Sam's Club Locations

    Apple and the Walmart subsidiary, Samís Club are rumored to be in the early discussions of possibly widening their already existing partnership. As of right now, Samís Club already sells iPads, iPhones, and iPods in its large retail chain but the two corporate giants are looking to take their business relationship to the next level. The folks over at 9to5Mac are reporting that Apple is possibly considering expanding its Apple Store-in-store program to the 47 United State retail warehouse chain locations.

    Apple is currently found using this strategy in Best Buy and Target in the United States, which would make Samís Club the third retail chain that Apple would be working with. An Apple store-in-store usually consists of a mini-Apple Store type setup within the larger retail store. If you have ever wandered into your local Best Buy or Target, you probably remember a large table full of Appleís products as typically seen in standalone Apple Stores.

    The store-in-store program isnít the only one being discussed either. Apparently there is a backup plan which is also afloat which consists of Samís Club simply selling Appleís Macs but without the Apple Store features. A clear decision hasnít been made as the two companies are still in the early stages of discussing and trying to reach an agreement but the sources refused to comment on a timeframe for any further partnership opportunities. What we do know is that the Apple store-in-store program isnít likely to be coming to a Samís Club near you anytime soon (if at all) as these type of agreements usually take a while to reach. Last but not least, it hasnít been confirmed whether Walmart would be a part of this partnership or not (since Samís Club is a Walmart subsidiary).

    Source: 9to5Mac
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