• Ping Finally Comes to the iPad

    Ping has quietly arrived on the iPad and is now available through the iTunes app. Ping was made available for the first time when Apple updated iTunes back in September. Apple hopes to generate more music downloads by tapping into the popularity of social networking on the web. Apple integrated Ping into iTunes and this now makes it easy for people to find new music and download it directly though the app. Ping has been available on the iPhone since the introduction of iOS 4.1. No update is required for the iPad, however, as it is now just part of the iTunes app.

    When using Ping, you can follow your favorite artists, see who they are currently listening to and download any songs that interest you. You can also follow what your friends are listening to and if you like a song, you can purchase it on the spot. Ping also helps you keep track of when your favorite band comes to town, even allowing you to purchase tickets through Live Nation. You can then see who’s going to the concert and let them know that you’ll be there too. Ping can also connect to your Twitter account and automatically updates it every time you post something new. How convenient.

    Now that the iPad includes Ping, all that remains for Apple to do is release the iOS 4.2 update. Then there will finally be unity across the entire iOS platform, more or less. I wonder if Ping will end up on the Apple TV next?

    Source: Apple
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