• Apple to Host Free Paul McCartney Live Stream Concert on iTunes This Thursday

    The new Paul McCartney album, Kisses on the Bottom, launches this week and the famous pop-rock singer is set to perform live from Capitol Studios in L.A. Apple recently announced that it will be supporting Paul McCartney’s new album release with a free video stream of a live concert on Thursday, February 9. The concert will not only be streamed via iTunes on a Mac or PC but will also be available directly on Apple TV for users who have one (a move that signals Apple’s efforts to increase the utility of its set-top box).

    You can read Apple’s announcement below:

    To celebrate the release of Paul McCartney's latest album — available now — we're streaming his exclusive performance at Capitol Studios on February 9 at 7 p.m. (PST). Watch the concert on iTunes on your computer, or stream it on your TV using your Apple TV — just choose iTunes Live from the Internet menu.
    This isn’t Apple’s first time live streaming via iTunes, as we’ve seen the Cupertino California company do this previously when hosting its annual concert festival in London. The company has gradually increased its coverage for the concerts to include live video streaming through iTunes and even through an App Store app for the 2011 series.

    Although users could redirect the video from the app to an Apple TV via AirPlay, Apple’s addition of the iTunes Live experience directly onto the Apple TV itself for this concert shows that the company considers all of its devices equally. It also demonstrates that how the company can possibly deliver exclusive content to its users for the upcoming Apple-branded television set.

    For those of you who are interested in watching the concert, remember you can do so through iTunes for free. The link hasn’t been released yet but if you check iTunes on Thursday, it’ll probably easily be found.

    Source: Examiner
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