• Product Shortages Hurting European Apple Resellers

    Being a business that sells Apple products is usually a good thing, except for when you consistently disappoint customers with insufficient product inventory.

    According to published reports Wednesday, Apple's European-based "Premium Resellers" are growing frustrated with Apple as the company all too frequently leaves them hanging with product shortages and depleted inventories of the most sought-after mobile devices in the tech world today.

    eBizcuss, Apple's the first authorized reseller in France, claims that its sales have plummeted by nearly 25% following a rash of iPhone and iPad shortages. The store now claims to be teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, something most would never expect to hear from an Apple partner.

    Apple, however, appears to have little sympathy for its resellers in France, Germany, and Sweden where a number of resellers are similarly warning of looming bankruptcies. Instead, Apple is chiefly keeping its own shelves stocked and those of its biggest retail partners, which range from Best Buy to Target.

    Apple, which has been plagued by product shortages for years, says that each of its own retail stores see approximately 22,000 visitors per week.

    Source: Les Echos
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