• [Giveaway] iCaughtU Pro 1.1 Update Brings Us Tons of New Features

    Free update; new features. Awesome!

    If there's something that we all like more than jailbreak tweaks, it's when an existing jailbreak tweak gets a massive update with tons of new features and the update is absolutely free. In the case of the new iCaughtU Pro by iOS developer Itay Brenner, it doesn't get any better than this, folks. Back in November, we wrote a review on iCaughtU Pro and it was a jailbreak tweak that helps you retrieve your iPhone when it is stolen from you. It also offered security measures to help protect your information from getting broken into.

    The new iCaughtU Pro 1.1 update brings a whole load of new SMS commands including:
    • Lock device
    • Power down device
    • Reboot device
    • Delete personal data
    • Show text alert
    • Play alarm
    • Toggle music player
    • Take a front-facing camera photo and send to the phone that sent the SMS
    • Take a rear camera photo and send to the phone that sent the SMS
    • Send location to the phone that sent the SMS
    • Send location to the e-mail address in iCaughtU Pro's settings

    Are you wondering what I mean by SMS commands? iCaughtU Pro's SMS commands make it so that you can set commands through iCaughtU Pro's settings. If your iPhone is stolen, you can use any other phone in the world to send a text message to the iPhone that you just had stolen - send a text message that matches a command you set in the settings for iCaughtU Pro and iCaughtU Pro will execute the command that matches the text message you set. So, if I set, "takefrontpic" as the SMS trigger for taking a picture with the front camera in the iCaughtU Pro settings, if I text message my iPhone saying, "takefrontpic" the iPhone will take a picture with the front-facing camera and then send it to the phone I texted from. Pretty cool huh? This works for all of the above bulleted commands. Unfortunately, these commands do not work with iMessage, but the good news is that they work with all sorts of phones - not limited to the iPhone.

    The other amazing new feature has been dubbed 'fake mode' and what it allows you to do is let a thief bypass your pass code with limited iOS access. Let's say you set a pass code of '0000' in the Settings application for unlocking your iPhone. If you enable fake mode, your thief would be able to enter your iPhone if they entered a completely random number such as '5293'. There are settings for fake mode so that you can limit the applications that can be accessed (like Cydia and Settings). Additionally, when fake mode is triggered, a front-facing photo is captured and sent to you through the email that you have configured in the iCaughtU Pro settings. The best part? The thief would never know. They would be too busy thinking to themselves, "oh my god! I can't believe I guessed the pass code right!"

    Apart from the new features, iCaughtU Pro is an amazing anti-theft system. For most of its competition, iCaughtU Pro is extremely cheap, setting you back only $2.50 to own it. The reaction times are pretty fast. When the e-mail is sent out with information from your iPhone to your inbox, you receive it almost instantly with information such as location, pictures, and more. You can read more about that fun stuff in the review from November in the link in the first paragraph. Check out iCaughtU Pro if this sounds like a great application to you!

    Name: iCaughtU Pro
    Price: $2.50
    Version: 1.1
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Itay Brenner
    Editor's Rating:  5/5

    Itay was generous enough to offer away FIVE copies of the new iCaughtU Pro 1.1. To win, tell us in the comments 3 ways it could be improved. We will pick the people with the best improvement suggestions in a couple of days. Include your Cydia number in the comments because that is the only way we can give you your free copy of iCaughtU Pro.

    Sources: Itay Brenner
    This article was originally published in forum thread: [Giveaway] iCaughtU Pro 1.1 Update Brings Us Tons of New Features started by Anthony Bouchard View original post
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    1. SethChas's Avatar
      SethChas -
      Well other than being free, i think that if it could send the location at a given interval with a simple command would make some since. This way you could track the person who has your phone. 4009
    1. Beoahn's Avatar
      Beoahn -
      The features it already has seem pretty nifty, but if I were to suggest a couple they'd be towards "bugging" or "logging" the phone.

      For example, perhaps iCaughtU Pro could activate the microphone and listen in on the person's conversation or self-dialogue (secretively)? Maybe even a live screen projection of what the snooper is doing, sort of like TeamViewer or Splashtop (except the host is a phone)? A log of apps opened would be nice, too, or even a video of the screen, possibly with those white dots that indicate where the screen is being touched.

      Another thing I could think of is to increase the security to be less vulnerable. I do not know what the current security measures are, but if anyone can text the phone and perform the said actions, it would lead to privacy issues. Perhaps pre-define a phone number, or even a web client to manage your phone. Even with the good features, it would be (almost) worthless without good security.

      All of the stated options could be configured via PreferenceLoader if they're enabled when a text is sent, or if it's always enabled. It's indubitably an excellent app overall, but I think it can be a wee bit more effective with the listed features above.

      Thanks for reading my suggestions! My Cydia Store # is 2847502.
    1. dano316cpd's Avatar
      dano316cpd -
      1. After the fake unlock, when it takes a picture, how about it re-locking. Forcing the thief to unlock again, therefore taking multiple images.
      2. Add the ability to record a voice memo and a text command to play it at full volume. (something like: This is a stolen iPhone. This is a stolen iPhone. This person has taken my iPhone. Please call the police to report them!!!!)
      3. Possibly a website that allows the same use of all features and constant GPS tracking!
      Cydia# 1406904
    1. g12369's Avatar
      g12369 -
      My Ideas are to further improve iCaughtU Pro
      1) Add a feature that monitors the accelerometer (such as when someone picks up the phone from a stand still as well as the ideal angle of the iPhone while someone is viewing the screen, than take a series of three quick photos to email to the iPhone owners email.
      2) Add a feature that allows the thief to change the itunes account to allow them to download applications and send the new account info to your email address.
      3) Add a feature that captures all phone numbers & text incoming and outgoing to be copied to your email even if the sim is swapped out.
      4) As part of registering iCaughtU Pro create a iPhone serial number and/or MAC id respository so that if the thief tries to sell or get the iPhone repaired, the repair centers and buyers can check to see if this iPhone has been stolen. You could also include a randsom amount incentive to narc on the thief.

    1. Johnnyboi's Avatar
      Johnnyboi -
      I would say that setting up a tracker system, something similar to find my iPhone. Where it would relay the location in real time. If they couldn't do that, then if the phone has been in a place more then a few hours, it would send the location to your email, so wherever they move it, that you have the best chance of that location being their residence.

      Also when the phone takes a front facing picture, it should have the ability to wait or figure out when it has a clear picture of the persons face, and not just the ceiling or wall. Like the facial unlock tweaks.

      Also maybe when u let them get I'm the phone, maybe it the phone could send all the number they call or text to your email. Even better see the text messages if possible. Hope my ideas were helpful.
      Sounds like a great cydia app already.
    1. teej1410's Avatar
      teej1410 -
      I always thought this app was cool and neat. Too bad I only own an iPod touch. Kinda useless to me right now.
    1. Littlejd123's Avatar
      Littlejd123 -
      Email should include photo, time, and location, (not just coordance but street names)
      All references to the app/tweak is password protected
      Airplane mode and shutdown disabled once at the lock screen and in fake mode (airplane disabled from sbsettings)
      just for fun another one
      You can't remove it from cydia unless you allow it in settings (which is password protected)
    1. NerdyGuyJohn's Avatar
      NerdyGuyJohn -
      My Ideas to further improve iCaught U Pro

      1. Everytime they open an app the thief gets a picture taken of them and the GPS is tracked all of the time.
      2. The Log contains very important information. Like you would set where you lived and when the thief went to his or her house the app
      would automatically know that this address isn't the owner's address. This information would then be saved in the log.
      3. When you got your phone back there would be two questions proving that you are the owner of the phone and you can answers these by doing a gesture on the phone. These questions could be anything!
      4. It then could take pictures of the area where the theif is so you can find your phone faster using the back camera and front facing camera.

      Cydia Number 2130632
    1. nikvas's Avatar
      nikvas -
      1. Send the new phone number if the sim is changed.
      2. Use it as keylogger.
      3. Use both front/rear cameras.
      4. Disable home and power button.
    1. flacogp23's Avatar
      flacogp23 -
      i like all the features included, but another idea could be
      -have siri talk to intruder...i would like to record that convo, lol
      -pick up the wifi location, if they actually get to use wifi
      -the alarm should be a police siren sound
      cydia acct # 9600
    1. Josulon's Avatar
      Josulon -
      I liked this app

      Cydia Number # 2848
    1. bplayabball's Avatar
      bplayabball -
      I have a question, what if the thief takes out the sim card? With no internet access, can it still receive sms? For that matter would it be able to sent out emails or photos of the thief?
    1. justinpotter81's Avatar
      justinpotter81 -
      1. Play nothing but Beeber "music" videos.
      2. Early morning awakening alarms;sexy parot or whatever in the hell that means.
      3. Throttle their data speeds to the speed of Sprint.
      Seriously tho it looks like an awesome app at a very low price

    1. codvisp's Avatar
      codvisp -
      Ways it can be improved:

      1. When the SIM card gets replaced by the thief, an automatic SMS will be sent to predefined numbers in settings. That way we'll have the thief's number and we will still be able to track him.

      2. Totally disable powering off the iPhone. We will have the time to act before the iPhone gets wiped out by the thief!

      3. Ability to track the device on a website in real time, BUT in order to save battery, the real time tracking could also be triggered by sending to the phone an SMS. Thus, Let's say an SMS that would put the phone in STOLEN MODE

      4. A tiny but most important detail: When let's say the device is in stolen mode, or when any kind of SMS trigger is sent to the stolen phone, the GPS location arrow will be hidden, that way the thief won't realize when he is beeing tracked :P

      Thank you modmyi & Itay for this opportunity to win this Great Tweak!
      Cydia account #: 738781
    1. bigliquid530's Avatar
      bigliquid530 -
      I would love to win this giveaway. My kids are constantly losing my phone so I could just take a snap shot and see where they put it, I also would love this just in case someone stole my phone, either way if I don't win it I'm gonna buy this app, keep up the good work....

    1. AKCHRIS's Avatar
      AKCHRIS -
      How does One find their Cydia #.

      [B]Never mind..lmao..I found it in my Google Account when I log on in Cydia..lmao..DURRR/B]
    1. kc1983's Avatar
      kc1983 -
      could be improved by having an SMS command to activate a secret facetime call to the iphone you sent the command from. The stolen phone would not see or hear anything but the viewing iphone could see, hear and toggle between front and rear camera's. Also the possibility to do this and all other commands from ipad using imessage. How about for a 4S, when the thief tries using siri...now bare with me......in settings, maybe setup a few Fake questions that will be asked through siri, clever things that could trick the thief into giving away their location or address etc. Possibly in a fake "new voice recognised" setup process...the thief will assume they need to do this for siri to work and when the answers are complete the phone will email the responses to the owner, possibly with recording of this for "Evidence". Copies of any pictures taken on the phone emailed automatically would be good too#1276784
    1. wheels9r's Avatar
      wheels9r -
      I really like this tweak, but wouldn't it be useless if the thief who stole the phone put into recovery/DFU mode and restored through iTunes?
    1. illusion81's Avatar
      illusion81 -
      more SMS Commands... f.e. possibility of remote GPS activation for users who dont use GPS at all times.....
    1. interstink's Avatar
      interstink -
      1. When the removal/insertion of Sim card is detected, popup custom notification bubble/popup asking for new cell number to activate sim card, send this info to device owner (ie. Please enter cell phone number to activate sim). and/or automatically grab sim phone number and send to owner.

      2. Disable SBSettings toggles and other specified mobile substrate(s) (LockInfo, IntelliscreenX, etc.) So "smart" thief cannot turn off location and other services required.

      3. Feature to Disable the ability to turn off power. Power button does nothing (Cannot reset device or power off)

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