• Apple Ends Sales of White MacBook to Schools

    Remember this MacBook? May it rest in peace.

    A while back, Apple discontinued the sales of the white MacBook; the Apple notebook computer that was slightly cheaper than the MacBook Pro with a plastic case and cheaper computer specifications. When they discontinued it, it was removed from the Apple Web site and no longer offered to individual customers. Instead, Apple continued to sell the white MacBook to educational institutions so that teachers would have the proper teaching tools to offer PowerPoint presentations for students to take notes, or other classroom uses.

    As of late, Apple has discontinued the sales of the white MacBook to these educational institutions, officially decommissioning it's role in the Apple computer line up. This leaves us with the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as Apple's notebook computers. It's a sad thought, considering that the MacBook was a great footprint in Apple's notebook computer sales being that it had a price tag of $999 versus the base MacBook Pro at $1199. Now that the MacBook Air has been a great focus of Apple's, it seems to have taken that $999 throne.

    The MacBook was, in a way, an outcast from the rest of the Macs in service. Apple has started using aluminum and glass computer bodies as they no longer found an interest in plastic. At this point in time, all of Apple's Macs are made out of aluminum cases. They are much more sleek, nicer in appearance, and more durable. The white MacBook probably won't be missed so much.

    Sources: Apple Insider
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