• Every Apple Product Ever Designed in 30 Seconds, Maybe

    Well this is an awesome video. Rob Beschizza at Boing Boing culled together every Apple Design ever and crammed it into a 30-second video.

    I donít think every Apple Design ever is in the video and Beschizza acknowledges as much, but itís still a lightining-quick look at 30+ years of Apple products. I had no idea Apple produced so many different external floppy-disc drives. Ahhh floppy-discs, how I miss thee.

    Beschizza even added a bonus video below of every NeXT product ever designed in 30 seconds. For those that donít know, Next is the company Steve Jobs worked at after Apple let him go, but later was purchased by Apple. Much Jobs work at NeXT was implemented in the first versions of OS X.

    Now lets see if we can name all the products pictured in the videos....3....2...1...

    Source: Boing Boing
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