• Former Apple Exec Rebecca Van Dyck Moves on to Work for Facebook

    Facebookís recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) filing helped surface some interesting information. It seems that the company has hired former Apple marketing executive Rebecca Van Dyck.

    She started working at Apple in January of 2007 and was involved in the marketing of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Van Dyck served a similar role at Leviís in the period after she left Apple as well. She was approached by AdAge last year and asked what she learned about Apple where she noted that with the iPhone, ďit was first and foremost about the user experience. And thatís how I approach marketing, that theme of focusing on the user experience and whatís important to the customer.Ē

    As of right now, Van Dyckís position at Facebook remains a secret but it is likely itíll be something to do with marketing as itís her forte. It doesnít seem that Facebook, which currently has well over 800 million users (as of September 22, 2011), needs much help to continue growing. Van Dyck might end up promoting new features or try to gain further interest from advertisers for the social media mogul. Despite what she goes on to do at Facebook, itís nice to know that many Apple employees are branching out into different companies and bringing Appleís approach to things to other industries.

    Source: Edible Apple
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