• Apple Begins to Offer Education Model 13-inch MacBook Air

    Shortly after discontinuing the white plastic MacBook once and for all, Apple seems to have replaced it with a MacBook Air designed specifically for educational sales. The 13-inch model MacBook Air costs the same $999 as the MacBook it replaces. Furthermore, it will only be sold to educational institutes and will be sold at the same price as the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air sold to consumers.

    The 13-inch MacBook Air model will have the same specs as its 11-inch counterpart: 1.6 GHz Intel i5 Processor, 2GB of RAM (which is non-upgradable), and 64 GB of on-board flash memory. The only difference is the larger, higher-resolution display. Apple will be offering the model in a five-pack bundle for $4,995. A 10-pack bundle and a 20-pack bundle that come complete with an AirPort Extreme and a nifty laptop cart with a built-in charging station are also available for $11,399 and $21,599 respectively.

    The idea seems to be a new strategic move from Apple’s end as the company continues to try and push iPads into classrooms as well as the traditional laptops. With the lower specs and the increased portability, the MacBook Air seems to have its tradeoffs. Furthermore, for an additional $1,400 from the 20-pack MacBook Air bundle, a school can purchase a 30-pack bundle of 64GB of iPad 2 units along with a PowerSync cart. This may be a bit more appealing as it serves similar functions with the option of displaying digital textbooks created in the recently released iBooks Author software as well. We’ll have to wait and see if the changes cause an increase in Apple product adoption in the education industry over time.

    Source: ArsTechnica
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