• Apple Files Lawsuit Against Motorola Over Use of Qualcomm Technology

    Apple seems to be head hunting when it comes to legal matters recently. The company filed a lawsuit against Samsung
    over auto correct as reported previously and now another lawsuit against Motorola over their use of Qualcomm technology emerges. According to Apple, Motorola seems to have breached a contract pertaining to their use of a Qualcomm patent license. The Cupertino California company is attempting to protect itself from being sued over the issue in Germany by filing a lawsuit in the United States.

    It seems a bit absurd but Apple is basically suing Motorola over their claims that Apple is illegally using Qualcomm’s baseband chip. In the lawsuit, Apple is asking to ban Motorola from being able to sue Apple over the use of the chip. For those of you who are interested in reading the full lawsuit filing, you can do so by clicking here. Below you can find a portion from the lawsuit filing describing the exact demands:

    Permanent injunctive relief restraining Motorola and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees, servants, licensors, successors, assigns, and all those acting in concert with them, from prosecuting patent infringement proceedings against Apple based on Apple’s use of the Qualcomm MDM6610 chip and other Qualcomm components licensed under Motorola patents in any forum other than this Court
    It seems that the core of this lawsuit filing is from Apple’s response to Motorola for attempting to stop sales of Apple’s 3G products in the country of Germany. It seems like today’s tech giants are focused on expanding their patent portfolio amongst other legal documentation and then turning around and suing one another for large sums of money. Many are beginning to question what things would be like if these companies spent their time trying to innovate and help one another instead but the situation continues to grow worse instead.

    Source: Reuters
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