• Hulu Slashes Monthly Subscription Price to $7.99

    As video streaming and distribution services take aim at our mobile devices and tablet computers with exceptional focus on our insatiable appetite for video on the go, the people at Hulu are looking to make their Hulu Plus subscription service more affordable across an increasingly competitive landscape.

    Today, Hulu reduced the monthly subscription price of its video streaming service to $7.99 (down from $9.99 per month). Of course, if you recently signed up and paid the full $9.99, you will receive credit on your next bill. Although the price reduction is far from earth-shaking (and less than the initially rumored 50% discount), Hulu wants to give Netflix a greater challenge and the price cut is one logical way to do so.

    According to Hulu CO Jason Kilar CEO posting on the official Hulu Blog, Hulu Plus also launches today on Roku. "All PlayStation 3 owners with a PlayStation Network account, which is free, can download the Hulu Plus application." And, in the months to come, Hulu Plus will become available for Internet-connected Vizio, LG Electronics, and Panasonic Blu-ray players and HDTVs; TiVo Premiere DVRs; the Xbox 360; and Western Digitalís WD TV Live Hub Media Center and WD TV Live Plus Network Media Player. The blog also points out that "many more mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and Internet-connected devices" will soon be Hulu-ready.

    Hulu presently has 30 million users and saw $240 million in revenue during the past year. But as PC World noted today, a recent survey indicated that only 4% of Hulu viewers subscribe to its Plus service. If you were on the fence before about a Hulu subscription, will $7.99 now seal the deal for you?

    Hulu Blog
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