• XBMC on Your Apple TV 2

    This is great news for those of you with jailbroken Apple TV's. Since the release of our jailbreak, there hasn't really been much going on in terms of new software to utilize. The folks behind XBMC (formerly "Xbox Media Center") have managed to bring their software to the Apple TV 2. This means you can decode that awesome 1080p HD content, and utilize the hardware inside your little box.

    Due to the nature of developing for Apple TV, this isn't entirely an easy hack for the beginners. You will be required to use terminal commands, but if your familiar with this it should be a breeze.

    Instructions are located here, which should help you through it all.

    Install XBMC on ATV2 - XBMC

    UPATE: also available for iPhone/iPad by adding this source to Cydia and installing
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    1. 1day's Avatar
      1day -
      It might be silly but I was thinking of going with either boxee or apv2. The prob with atv2 is lack of codec support and 1080p. I'm assuming the hack with xmbc gets rid of it.

      Also I have few iPads and iPhones and android devices at home so could I control the atv2 with that instead of using atv2 remote?

      My setup will includes a dedicated media server with 16TB space and about 10 atv2s at home.

      Would the iOS/android devices be able to work with all the atv2s?

      Also I'm use to downloading tv shows and movies and music via torrents and watching on my laptop but never cared for meta data, but now if I start using media players meta data becomes important, so does the meta data come with the torrent or i will have to be choosy in what I download?

      Also since I will have my iPads on the network too, is there a xmbc client that resides on the iPad where I can see all my content as I can on my tv besides being able to use it as a remote?

      Since I'm asking so much, just thought will ask here, what networked music players I could use with the setup I'm planning on going with.

      I wanted to do everything off the shelf and not some super expensive custom setup, so have been doing a lot of reading before I buy all my equipment.

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