• Google Docs Editor Coming to iOS

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    Google has begun rolling out mobile editing capabilities to Google Docs, following through on a promise they'd made at their "Google Atmosphere" conference in September. Mobile Safari browsers on any device running iOS version 3.0 or newer will be able to not only open and view, but also edit their Google docs. Only Android devices running 2.2 Froyo will be able to use the document editor.

    The feature is not yet available for all users, but Google says they will be activating it in users' accounts "over the next few days." Once your account has been updated, you navigate to docs.google.com and sign in. You can edit any document created with the new version of Google Docs that was released in April. Older documents will not be editable, even if you opened and edited them with the newer version.

    With a newer-format document open, activated users will be able to tap the "Edit" button to make changes. Editing features include the ability to make inline changes to text, the ability to edit tables, and spellchecking as you type. iPhone users will not get the ability to use speech recognition to input text: this is a Froyo feature only.

    The documents editor will be available to English-language users around the world over the course of the next few days. Google's official blog says that they'll "be adding support for other languages soon."

    Source: MacRumors
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