• Brits Seek Ban on 'iTV' for Use by Apple?

    The British are coming for the name of an Apple product that... doesn't technically exist yet.

    Naturally, the overwhelming majority of us will not be surprised if and when Apple unveils its own connected HDTV, which the rumor mill suggests could be out by this time next year and carry the product name iTV.

    But the iOS-powered flat-screen television will have to be called something else, if the British have any say in the matter. According to published reports on Monday, Britain's iTV network is believed to have privately issued a warning to Apple that it wants the iPhone maker to avoid christening any HDTV product line as the 'iTV.'

    Or else.

    Okay, so I added the "or else" part for dramatic effect myself, but the Brits seem pretty serious about their warning. For now, the people at iTV in Great Britain aren't saying much, although more than one source has been quoted saying that no communication has actually taken place between iTV and Apple.

    Regardless, this isn't the first time we've heard that iTV has warned Apple about using its name. Before the Apple TV was released (the second time around), the rumor mill suggested that the second coming of the product would be known as iTV. Obviously, that didn't happen. But with speculation rampant that Apple will call its HDTV the "iTV," things could get very interesting in the months ahead as the two international bodies clash in the name of technology.

    Source: The Telegraph
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