• Apple Forces Pegatron to Cease Production of Asus Zenbook

    Apple is apparently asking one of its manufacturers, Pegatron, to cease the production of Ultrabook laptops for Asus after being displeased with the similarity in appearance of Asus’ Zenbook line. The Cupertino California company even threatened Pegatron by saying that if they don’t cease the production of the laptops that they will have to face the consequences of losing orders from Apple.

    Many of you already know that Ultrabooks are what PC manufacturers are seeking to create as a result of the success of the MacBook Air. Many PC manufacturers revealed their products at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show as an attempt to show off and woo consumers with products to come. Manufacturers such as Pegatron stand to suffer quite a bit of money if they lose contracts with a company as high profile as Apple since the manufacturer not only assembles iPhones but is also rumored to be producing the next-generation iPad.

    According to the Commercial Times:

    Apple reportedly was unhappy about Pegatron's production of Asustek's Zenbook models, which are similar to its MacBook Air, especially in its outer design, and therefore, demand Pegatron make a choice, claimed the paper, which added that Pegatron began to assemble iPhones for Apple in 2011 and is eager to solicit orders for next-generation iPads from the vendor.
    Pegatron is said to be winding down production of the Zenbook as a result of Apple’s request. This leaves Asus being forced to switch over to another manufacturer such as Compal or Winstron.

    Source: Commercial Times [via Google Translate]
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