• Apple Rumored to Be Searching for New Hire to Fill 'Mystery Role'

    The latest scuttlebutt out of Cupertino, California says Apple is diligently sifting through current and prospective employees to fill a very important role within the company - a role about which very little is known.

    What we've heard is the position is that of a "production support manager" who will be assigned to a spot that is described as a "mystery role" by our friends at Apple Insider, who first reported this story.

    We do have to wonder, however, if the news of Apple hiring to fill this special role could be another "decoy situation."

    As MMi reported last month, it is believed that Apple monitors the sources of sensitive information leaks by feeding false product information to new hires to see if any information subsequently turns up in the media or on the Internet. If any info leaks, it's pretty easy to trace the leak back to its source.

    Apple will stop at nothing, it seems, to test the integrity of its newest team members. If this is true, perhaps there could be a connection between this practice and the speculation that Apple has a hush-hush job waiting for the right new person.

    Only time will tell. And we'll keep you posted on this developing story.

    Source: Apple Insider
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