• NoSleep Lets Your MacBook Run Even When Closed

    NoSleep is a tool that permits you to keep your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air operating even after you have closed the lid. This can be particularly useful if you are the kind of person that needs to let your computer work while you are asleep or when you want to take your computer with you somewhere. It’s great for taking the computer places so that you can close the lid even though you want it to continue processing whatever it was processing when you had it opened up. It's also great for servers if you just happen to use your MacBook for one. If you use your MacBook as a base computer but like to attach it to an external display, then you will appreciate this application.

    The usefulness of NoSleep is open for discussion because if you want to let your computer run while you are trying to sleep, it is simple enough to merely reduce your backlight brightness to zero while the computer finishes what it has to do. Apart from that, the MacBook (no matter the model) will not continue to run after you have closed it up. Instead, it will go into a power-saving sleep mode.

    NoSleep comes with a settings pane (shown below) that is accessible from System Preferences on your Mac (>System Preferences) that permits you change some settings. The settings are limited – only two checkboxes. One being ‘Do not fall asleep when lid is closed’ which as it states, keeps your MacBook from going into the low-power sleep mode when you close your MacBook; the second option being ‘Start NoSleep utility on system startup’, which allows the program execute every time you boot up the computer so that you’re ready to use it without having to open it up every time.

    Apart from the System Preferences pane, a menu bar icon (shown below) is also supplied which permits you to enable and disable NoSleep on demand. It assists you in discerning the working status of NoSleep. The gray, colorless icon indicates that NoSleep is not enabled. The blue, lit icon indicates that NoSleep is enabled and will keep your MacBook from falling asleep when you close it. Along with most of Mac OS X's menu bar icons, NoSleep's icon isn't that bad looking.

    NoSleep is a free application that can be downloaded from this link. If you decide that you don’t like its functionality after installing it, you can uninstall NoSleep by executing the uninstaller package that is encompassed within the '.dmg' file that you downloaded. It's also a good idea to reboot after doing so. The developer of the application states that he is open for suggestions for improving it whether your suggestions are for bug fixes or for feature requests.

    The newest version (1.2.1) comes with a bug fix and improvement from the previous version (1.2):
    • Fixed: a System Preferences crash
    • New style for the notification icon

    Sources: News via OSX Daily, Heading picture courtesy of Anandtech
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