• Apple 'Asks' For Permission to Sue Kodak

    You know you've become a litigious company when you go to court in order to get permission to go to court again. That's essentially what Apple is doing today. And it may not end up being a Kodak moment for the company Apple is trying to sue.

    As it turns out, Apple still has it in for Kodak - the bankrupt juggernaut that was once the biggest and wealthiest name in photography. But since the company filed for bankruptcy, it can't simply be sued in the same manner as another solvent company. As a result, Apple is seeking permission from a judge to file suit against Eastman Kodak.

    The reason? You guess it - alleged patent infringement. According to Bloomberg, Apple says Kodak is infringing on patents that cover technologies used in printers, digital cameras and even digital picture frames.

    Now you may be wondering what good will come of Apple suing a company that is bankrupt. And that's a good question. For now, all we know is that Apple doesn't need any cash. But the legal eagles in Cupertino want to make a point - and an example - out of those who purportedly trample on Apple's intellectual property.

    Although Apple's lawyers are making the claim that bankruptcy law doesn't expressly restrict the filing of infringement suits against a company in court protection, “Apple requests express authority from this court before it initiates the actions out of an abundance of caution.”

    Source: Bloomberg
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