• OS X Mountain Lion Officially Drops 'Mac' From its Name

    Is this the beginning of the end for Mac OS X?

    We have called the famous operating system by Apple, "Mac" for eons. The mouthful that we have called Mac OS X for so long is now officially deemed OS X in the new release of OS X Mountain Lion that developers have been able to get their hands on today by Apple. The screenshot above displays the 'About this Mac' area of both Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 and OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. These are the official names and it is not some sort of fluke.

    MacRumors cites Apple in that Apple prefers to call Mac OS X Mountain Lion, "OS X Mountain Lion". The change in the name makes us wonder what is to become of Mac OS. Tim Cook has been cited saying that the company is unsure whether they want to combine iOS and Mac OS just yet, however they are contemplating it. Tim Cook also stated that he understands Mac OS to be very important and that it is a precarious move that the company needs to think about very prudently.

    We are also aware that OS X Mountain Lion aims to bring many of iOS 5s features to Mac OS. These features include iMessage, Game Center, Reminders, Notes, AirPlay, Notification Center, and much more that have been exclusive to iOS. In that we believe that Apple is trying to make the two operating systems perform in unison of each other, which is becoming more prevalent with each forthcoming Mac OS update.

    It may be interesting to wait and watch to see what Apple chooses to do with their Mac lineup. It's a guarantee that iOS could never be as powerful as Mac OS because iOS has a closed file system. We are crossing our fingers and anticipating that the Mac stays around as a personal computer and does not become a mobile device like the iPad. As wise Apple Store representative once told me, "The iPad is a mobile device. If you are looking for a computer, you wont like it."

    Sources: MacRumors
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