• Talk of iPad 2 Hurting Sales of iPad 1?

    One gets the sense that Apple-savvy customers have caught on to the likelihood of Apple releasing a second-generation iPad in the not-too-distant future. Although many analysts don't anticipate a release of iPad 2 before spring, the prospect of a first quarter refresh of the iPad next year is now believed to be discouraging many customers from purchasing the first generation iPad this holiday season either for themselves or for someone else.

    In recent weeks, the same sources (overseas suppliers) who reported the forthcoming iPad 2 have similarly begun expressing concerns that the looming prospect of a brand new iPad (likely one with a front facing camera for FaceTime video chats) will severely hamper the current runaway sales of the Apple tablet. Yours truly can even report two individuals purchasing huge Apple holiday gift cards at a Chicago Apple retail outlet this past weekend for this very reason - why buy a new first-gen iPad, their logic held, when it may become the "old model" in just a few months?

    Of course, any and all suspicions that Apple's prospective iPad refresh will hurt sales of the first iPad this holiday season is borderline arrogant. After all, Apple is no longer the sole player in the tablet market. And while many will chalk up a possible dip in first-gen iPad sales as an indication that the marketplace is simply holding off for a new iPad, it should be noted that the tablets produced by "other companies" - Samsung, RIM, etc. - may also prove a factor in this equation. While the iPad is widely predicted to dominate the tablet market for the duration of 2011, it isn't far-fetched at all to expect the ramped-up competition to take at least a small chunk of market share away from Apple.

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