• Foxconn Expands for Mass Production of iPad

    Recent rumors of Foxconn adding new production plants to ramp up production of the iPad have proven to be accurate, as Tuesday morning brings word of the Chinese-based Apple manufacturing partner bringing enormous production facilities online in Chengdu to rapidly accelerate iPad manufacturing. As demand of the tablet increases with each passing day in the beginning rush of this holiday shopping season, it is estimated that Foxconn will be able to successfully turn out an additional 10,000 iPads per day.

    Foxconn, of course, has a long history of denying expansion rumors when all signs point to just that. Yet again, the pattern of denials had continued prior to this morning's DigiTimes report spilling the beans that all is on target to make the new Foxconn site "a major supply base starting the first quarter of 2011." The addition of the new facilities will boost monthly iPad production substantially on a monthly basis. At present, the bulk of iPad supplies still come from Foxconn's plants at Shenzhen, China, which - at maximum - can supply 2.5 million units maximum per month.

    The increased production capacity, naturally, begs the question as to how much of this new capacity will be dedicated to the 2nd generation iPad. For now, that answer isn't clear. But it is a virtual guarantee that Foxconn's holiday season ramp up won't slow after the first of the year. Analysts maintain that an updated iPad will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2011 and Foxconn will have no choice but to immediately shift gears and begin work on the 2nd generation iPad.

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