• Apple Confirms "Green" Data Center in Oregon

    Apple confirmed Tuesday plans to build a massive data center in Prineville Oregon, confirming rumors that emerged late last year.

    Last week documents with Apple’s name on it emerged at the Crook County clerks office and local TV station KTVZ confirmed the plans with Apple. The development, known as “Project Maverick”, will involve building a data center on a 160-acre plot of land purchased for $5.6 million. County commissioners signed the deed for the purchase on Feb. 15 coinciding with a decision by the Oregon state senate voted in a bill that removed earlier threats of property taxes for data centers.

    The usual non-disclosure agreements were issued to county officials by Apple preventing any unwanted information on the development from coming out. However, one judge did say that the project would be “good for Prineville and Crook County.”

    Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet did little more than confirm that the facility will exist, and that it will be “green.”

    Source: KTVZ [via AppleInsider]
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